На Генеральній Асамблеї Міжнародної Спілки Архітекторів в Мадриді

Наші колеги з Північної та Балтійської секції Міжнародної Спілки Архітекторів, а також Stowarzyszenie Architektów Polskich (Польща), Bundesarchitektenkammer (Німеччина), RAIC — IRAC (Канада), The American Institute of Architects (США) солідарні з українською архітектурною спільнотою. Також вони внесли наступне клопотання щодо статусу російської спілки архітекторів, яким тимчасово призупиняється його інституціональна участь та діяльність, а також позбавляється права голосу та номінування кандидатів.
Особиста подяка Rūta Leitanaitė та Олені Олійник за успішну дипломатичну діяльність!
Працюємо далі на благо України та її архітектурної спільноти!
News from the UIA General Assembly in Madrid:
the Nordic and Baltic sections along with the Association of Polish Architects, Federal Chamber of German Architects, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, and American Institute of Architects, seeking to show solidarity with our colleagues in Ukraine and with the many colleagues in Russia, who are risking everything as they, too, insist on peace, presented the following motion regarding the UIA membership of Russian Union of Architects:

— The Russian Union of Architects membership status is intact, as the UIA is for architects of all nations, across political, economic, and aesthetic frontiers.
— Institutional participation in UIA activities by the Russian Union of Architectsis temporarily suspended from this date. This includes suspension of the right to vote and nominate candidates. Critical dialogue with the Russian Union will continue while the suspension lasts, the dialogue will be led by the UIA President.
— The suspension is lasting until the moment where the Russian Union of Architects in written form can attest that they stand by the UIA preamble. This is done by signing the statement included here.

The Chairperson of the Lithuanian Architects Association Rūta Leitanaitė, one of the main sponsors of such motion, comments:

When Russia started a war on Ukraine, it was an appaling surprise.
UIA reacted twice: first, calling for restoration of peace, and second, condemning the war inflicted by Russia on Ukraine.

If we want UIA to be relevant, heard and respected, UIA has to do more. The members of UIA, as it is indicated in the statute, are commited to human wellbeing and peace. This applies to all the members. But ever since the war was started in Ukraine by Russia, Russian Union haven’t expressed condemnation towards the war.

Therefore our Motion is not aimed to punish Russian architects. Instead, we support those Russisn architects who are risking it all by signing an open petition. They are living up to the values of UIA.

We expect that MO of UIA Russian Union of Architects clearly states the same — that they are following the UIA preamble and are condemning the war inflicted by Russia towards Ukraine.

And we can continue our collaboration with the Union that is keeping up to the same values of humanity, democracy and freedom.

The motion unfortunately was upheld by only a third of the delegates of the General Assembly. However, according to Ms Leitanaitė, this support can be seen as a factor of solidifying the support for Ukraine and returning the UIA to the values stated in the famous 1985 Cairo preamble.